Research and development department Recruiting numbers Hiring time


1,the product development inside,write test report.

2,suppliers,sample test,issue the material test report.

3,analysis of competitors products

4,product research and development of testing tools.

5,track design flaws,and verify the design improvement effect

6,complete the corresponding test report,according to the test result according to the product specification draft test plan

7,is responsible for the design change,and verify the reliability of the design change.

8,improvement opinions are put forward on the product,with hardware engineer to improve products;

job requirements:

1,college degree or above;

2,professional:electrical engineering,power electronics,electrical engineering,automation or related.Ability is outstanding person,can be professional;

3,map reading ability,familiar with all kinds of commonly used circuit basic knowledge,familiar with a variety of electronic device performance parameters;Can circuit signal to do a simple analysis,there is at least one years experience in the actual debugging,product testing,can use most commonly used test equipment operation,beginning ability is strong,can complete the test report and analysis report;

4,understand the aspects of the electrical and electronic related national standards and industry standards;Familiar with electronic product testing methods,and be able to assist led the drafting of the electronic product testing company standards;

5,pay attention to electricity safety operation,calibrated boldness,calm;

6,can read English materials,consult the manual device;

7,good conduct,hard work,has the sense of responsibility,good at study,innovation and the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work;Has the good team cooperation spirit and communication skills;

8,can to the existing system test specification,process,method,technology improvement,strong ability of independent thinking and analysis.

the company benefits:

year-end bonus:the company in accordance with the employee's performance throughout the year and the company's operating situation issuing year-end bonus.

good employee bonuses:company is offering good employees and in each special bonus,to encourage their contribution to the company.

sales bonus:according to the company's monthly sales completion,given different length of service staff sales bonus.

enter a shenzhen:according to the index and comprehensive situation such as employees,to deal with deep.

paid holidays:employees in addition to the laws and regulations of vacation,according to the length of service can also enjoy the five days,ten days,fifteen days of paid annual leave.

travel:in order to let employees work hard and enjoy life,achieve the balance of work and life,the company annual holidays will not organize regular employees.

accumulation fund of insurance:in order to guarantee the life of the employees,the company for each employee to buy five social insurance and one housing fund.

staff dormitory:the company provided free dormitory for employees,such as dormitory can provide accommodation subsidies.

food subsidies:the company to provide staff meals subsidies and welfare.

Inside the

tea restaurant:firms with tea restaurant,employees can be selected in the tea restaurant to oneself to like to eat snacks,drinks and delicious ice cream,etc.,and will be 3 45 cents to 4 PM every day as the afternoon tea time.

work address:shenzhen baoan district xixiang solid defensibly nanchang kin yu industrial zone B903