Cooperation with Universities

November 16, 2011, Xi'an University and Shuori signed a university-enterprise cooperation agreement


The conference room of Shenzhen Shuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Shuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has signed with a university-enterprise cooperation agreement with Xian University, and co-founded an engineering technology center, achieving the close integration of production, education and research. The cooperation between universities and enterprises (society) is a win-win model. The “model of production-university integration and university-enterprise cooperation” allows both universities and enterprises to give play to their respective advantages, and at the same time, they can jointly cultivate talents needed by the society and the market.

It is an effective means to promote the development of technology, economy and enterprises to strengthen the cooperation between universities and enterprises, integrate teaching and practice, and enhance the mutual support, mutual penetration, two-way intervention, complementary advantages, resource interoperability, and shared interests between universities and enterprises. The university-enterprise cooperation is also an important way to improve university education, strengthen the vitality of cooperation enterprises, and cultivate, manage and service first-line specialists.

The university-enterprise cooperation can promote the institutional and technological innovation of enterprises. The “intelligence” resources of universities and research institutions flow to the enterprise through cooperation. New combinations of technologies are realized through integrating theories with the practical technologies of enterprises, and the new combinations of talents are also realized through the mutual communications and exchanges between and technological personnel, between technological personnel and management personnel, and between marketing personnel and production workers. The information mastered by the production, education and research include the latest scientific and technological developments, the researches of new technologies, the production processes of new products and relevant policies and regulations.

The effective combination of information and comprehensive utilization are achieved through the integration of production, education and research; all parties and production, education and research jointly build new economic and technological entities, providing new organizational resources for innovations in knowledge and technology, which thus improves the overall effectiveness of organizations and ensures the stable supply and effective combinations of the technical innovation, talents, information and other resources necessary for innovation. This mutually needing and inter-dependent relationship is foundation for maintaining the combination of production, education and research. A large number of practices prove that the combination of production, education and research is the process of combining new elements, which is actually the process of the institutional innovation and technological innovation of the enterprise. Through integrating itself with universities or research institutions, the enterprise can achieve the new combination and complementation of practical elements, thus achieving economic benefits and improving their level of technology.