We exercise, We healthy, we happy On September 22, 2016

Spring, a season full of hope as we always do, SRNE has hold a mountaineering competition at nanshan of shenzhen. nearly 200 staff have participated this meaningful activity to measure height of mountain by our foots 

9:00 Am, Each team setted out to destination of hilltop with all their might 
Climbing is totally uneasy, even so, every participants persevered in reaching the end with encourage and support other other, laughing and talking on the way, no one left behind and no one dropped out.

Participants have accomplished a self-challenge by combining enhance physical fitness and friendship of everyone.

What an impressed scene is one of us has helped staff of forest protection to paint on the publicity board! 

Competition ended finally, we have selected male and female champion and other team awards
With almost 2hrs “ aerobic exercise ”, we have released all working pressure even through felling a little tired, and enhance friendship among colleagues to make further achievement.