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All-In-one solar charge inverter of SRNE give a hand in fighting the epidemic

Release date: 27-May-2020

“Breaking through the epidemic, countries take action”

   Overseas accompanied by more serious epidemic, countries take to seal the border, traffic control restrictions, as of March 20, 2020, there were already at least 41 countries in a state of emergency, in order to ease the crisis of economic stagnation, the photovoltaic industry to accelerate States Economic stimulus package.

   California    According to the foreign media on March 25 reported affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the government is isolated residents of the home to provide installation and maintenance of optical storage systems and other basic services for the photovoltaic industry development prospects in California in terms of an opportunity.  

    Australia    In mid-March, the Australian Prime Minister issued an economic response worth A$ 17.6 billion to mitigate the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Among them, including solar energy installation projects for commercial and industrial use, tax relief for industrial and commercial and large-scale power station installations.  

All-In-one solar charge inverter of SRNE give a hand in fighting the epidemic 

      India    Recently, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice of India, where  From March 21 to 31, 2020 filed or the date April 3, 2020 import generic manifest (delay submitted before the date IGMS ) the declaration, waive late fees, which It is a temporary relief for the Indian photovoltaic industry that depends on imported modules.  

     Netherlands   On March 20 , the Dutch solar industry associations including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and climate policy extended SDE + large-scale renewable solar energy projects under the incentive program grid period.  

All-In-one solar charge inverter of SRNE give a hand in fighting the epidemic


“New crown epidemic rescue, adverse control helps South Africa”

     In addition to using the photovoltaic industry to restore the economy, more countries will integrate the photovoltaic industry into the rescue of the new coronary pneumonia outbreak.

     During the epidemic, South Africa's economy was going down, the power companies were not under heavy load, and there were frequent power quotas, which led to a serious shortage of internal power supply. Medical equipment such as ventilators and blood analyzers in hospitals and treatment areas were unable to perform their intended functions Greatly hinders the control of the patients with new coronary pneumonia.

All-In-one solar charge inverter of SRNE give a hand in fighting the epidemic

   To this end, South Africa has invested a lot of money in the photovoltaic power generation industry to meet the country's huge demand for electricity, and imported a large number of all-in-one control machines to solve the power supply problem in hospitals and patient treatment areas.   


“Complex power problem, integrated solution of inverse control”

   In recent years, as the only power converter that is not restricted by time, space, region and other factors, the inverse control integrated machine is the most stable, reliable and low-risk power conversion project in photovoltaic power generation at this stage. Installation can not only meet the huge power demand, but also get low electricity cost, and it has gradually become the first choice for energy conservation and emission reduction among countries.

   The industrial-grade design of the inverse control integrated machine can easily deal with harsh environments such as low temperature and humidity, greatly improving the problem of limited development of the enterprise due to the production environment, and giving the industry 360 ° all-round protection against short circuits, over-voltages and under-voltages, and reverse irrigation. Problems for protection.

All-In-one solar charge inverter of SRNE give a hand in fighting the epidemic

   In addition to industrial applications, the all-in-one reverse control machine can also be installed in residential areas to serve domestic electricity consumption. Without consuming any surrounding resources, it can be used in combination with photovoltaic, generator and power grid to convert solar energy into usable electricity. It is suitable for all kinds of ac and dc household loaders.

   ”At present, the epidemic is in the cloud, and we will continue to forge ahead in the future. We will shoulder the social responsibility of enterprises, firmly base ourselves on the market with quality and value, and change the world with green energy technologies.“

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