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After the epidemic, come to see you

Release date: 04-Aug-2020

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you

From 0:00 on May 9, 2020, Guangdong Province will adjust the secondary response to major public health emergencies to the tertiary response .

Under the premise of implementing prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant technical guidelines, we will adopt such methods as appointments and current restrictions to open parks, tourist attractions, sports venues and libraries, museums, art galleries and other indoor venues, as well as various conferences and exhibitions .

With the improvement of the epidemic situation, the photovoltaic industry has gradually emerged with opportunities, and the arrangements for photovoltaic exhibitions have also been restored simultaneously. Quickly follow the pace of the SRNE exhibition news, and learn about which photovoltaic exhibitions have been exhibited after the epidemic.


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Officially opened



- 01 -

Suzhou,China | 7.31-8.1

2020 7th China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference

Booth number: S32

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

As the only high-end conference in the world focusing on the development of electrochemical energy storage, it gathers power companies, power generation groups, grid companies, transmission and distribution and grid system operators, system integrators, new energy manufacturers and investment institutions, covering energy storage The entire downstream industry chain .

The conference was launched in the form of ' summit + exhibition + awards ceremony ', focusing on the display of innovative solutions for energy storage in the fields of new energy applications, smart software development, 5G communications, electric vehicle charging and replacement, smart energy construction and supporting equipment.

A comprehensive analysis and discussion on policy development, technological innovation, market hotspots, application practices, etc. of the energy storage industry are conducted in order to break through industrial barriers and promote the steady development of China's energy storage industry.


▼Review of past events▼

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

Image source: The 6th China International Optical Storage & Charging Conference



- 02 -

Shanghai,China | 8.8-8.10

SNEC 14th (2020) International Solar Photovoltaic

And Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum

Booth number: E7-255

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

      This session of the General Assembly has various forms and rich content. In addition to the 'Conference Opening Ceremony & Theme Forum', 'Global Photovoltaic Leaders Dialogue', 'Global Photovoltaic Frontier Technology Conference', 'Global Green Energy and Photovoltaic Finance Summit' and other activities, there are also 'Graphene Photoelectric Application Summit Forum' and ' Energy Internet Technology and Application Summit Forum' and other seminars focusing on the application market .

The conference will attract global politics, industry, academia, industry, finance, media, international analysis institutions and other related industries to jointly discuss the photovoltaic industry's cooperative development strategy in the three major photovoltaic markets in Europe, Asia and the United States .

      In addition, the 'International Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Engineering Technology Conference' will bring together policy makers, industry experts and scholars, leading companies, financial institutions, consulting institutions and authoritative media in the field of international energy storage and hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Jointly discuss industrial policy guidance, cutting-edge technologies, market trends, business models, and financing channels.


▼Review of past events▼

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

Picture source: SRNE 2018 Shanghai Exhibition



- 03 -

Guangzhou,China | 8.16-8.18

2020 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

(The original 12th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition)

Booth number: A221-A222

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you 

PV Guangzhou has been held for 11 consecutive years and is an important exhibition platform for global photovoltaic companies to promote trade and promote brands. The content of the exhibition covers all areas of the photovoltaic industry, including raw material supply, main and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic engineering and photovoltaic application products.

Every year , it is jointly exhibited with new energy fields such as energy storage and bioenergy , attracting the participation of nearly 2,000 domestic and foreign companies, and has been promoted by more than 300 media at home and abroad. It is unanimously affirmed and positively evaluated by enterprises in the solar photovoltaic industry. It has a high reputation and industry influence, and it is also an internationally renowned solar industry event .

This exhibition Solar PV World Expo 2020 will be an important channel for domestic and foreign brands to expand the Chinese market, as well as the best choice for global network deployment. It is an important platform and trade guide for the annual new product release of the photovoltaic industry .


▼Review of past events▼

SRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see youSRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see youSRNE Express |After the epidemic, come to see you

Image source: 2019 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo


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