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Release date: 28-May-2020

'The application field is more extensive'

   Solar charge and discharge controllers are indispensable in photovoltaic systems that protect the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, and extend battery life.

    It is mainly based on off-grid power generation system, which is light, flexible and convenient to carry. It mainly serves remote mountain areas, pastures, deserts, islands and border posts that are difficult to be covered by the public power grid. It provides basic lighting, television, radio, etc. Life electricity.

SRNE provides you with considerate services

 Note: The picture shows the Poverty Alleviation Project of SRNE Solar Controller in Northwest China

     With the advent of the Internet era, the functions of solar controllers are becoming more and more powerful, and are gradually used in various fields such as Bluetooth communication, RV, remote control, and poverty alleviation.

SRNE provides you with considerate services 

Note: SRNE Solar Controller is used in RVs

'The control technology is more advanced'

   The working parameters of traditional solar controllers have been set, and the power transfer of the solar panel in a constant voltage and constant current mode will not change according to the changes of the surrounding environment, thus causing the battery to never be fully charged. The solar panel It has not been fully played.

    In order to solve this problem, SRNE is also constantly exploring and researching on the technical level of the solar controller, from the first generation controller pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to the second generation maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology The control is more stable, the ability to intelligently regulate changes in the working environment is stronger, and it is more suitable for areas with harsh conditions.

SRNE provides you with considerate services 

Note: SRNE Solar Controller and border defense cooperation

   The new generation of solar charge and discharge controller can perform real-time intelligent charge and discharge control according to solar cells, batteries, light sources and other components; according to factors such as seasons, environment, light changes, etc. to determine different working modes of charge and discharge, so as to improve The stability and intelligence of the solar controller are more suitable for areas with harsh conditions.

'Home application is more appropriate'

    SRNE is committed to using solar charge and discharge controllers in combination with homes, so that people can enjoy the convenience of solar energy at home.

    The ML series of solar charge and discharge controllers mainly serve indoor homes. They can not only intelligently regulate the energy absorption state of electric panels according to the environment, but also significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems. When the temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current is linearly decreased with the temperature and the discharge is turned off, thereby reducing the temperature rise of the controller and avoiding high temperature damage of the controller.

SRNE provides you with considerate services

Note: Schematic diagram of solar controller home


    'If you want the solar system to exert its maximum efficiency and value, the choice of a good solar controller is the most critical factor. And SRNE is committed to creating the industry's top controller research and development to meet various applications of the controller. Future development can be Period, I invite you to witness together. '

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