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Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

Release date: 29-May-2020

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

     Safer, more efficient, smarter and more sustainable development

    With the improvement of the quality of human life, the consumption of energy has also increased rapidly, and the earth ’s ecological environment has also deteriorated. Energy shortage and environmental pollution have become problems facing sustainable economic development.

    According to statistics of relevant data, lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of global energy consumption. China ’s annual electricity used for lighting is more than 300 billion degrees, of which road lighting accounts for about 30% of total lighting. To achieve sustainable development, new The development of energy and the implementation of the concept of energy saving and emission reduction are particularly important.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

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    First,Great innovation of traditional street lamps

    Among the many energy consumptions, the consumption of lighting electricity is particularly prominent. According to data, lighting electricity accounts for 20% of the global total electricity consumption, but most of the lighting efficiency is very low. As the blood of the city, street lamps play a vital role in the construction of smart cities. With the widespread application of solar technology, the use of solar street lamps has gradually appeared in people's vision.

    As a kind of sustainable renewable energy, solar energy has very attractive prospects for development and application, and it can be used wherever it is exposed to sunlight. The effective use of natural energy is the focus of today's new energy technology research. By collecting solar energy and recycling, it can save nearly ⅓ cost of lighting electricity every year.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent 

* The picture is from the Internet

   Advantages of solar street lights:

   1. Convenient installation: It integrates the installation of battery panels, photovoltaic panels, intelligent lamp holders, etc. No need to lay cables, just fix the cement base;

   2. Low cost: natural energy is free of electricity charges, and there is no maintenance cost;

   3. Security guarantee: It contains anti-theft brackets, which can intelligently regulate and control the current, and the security issues are guaranteed;

   4. Long service life: The service life of solar panels is 25 years, the average life of ultra-bright LED lights is more than 50000 hours, and the life of solar batteries can reach 5-7 years.


    Second,the secret of the core components of solar street lights

    The core device of the solar street lamp is the controller . It is an intelligent charge and discharge device operated by a micro-control chip. Its main function is to control the charge and discharge of the solar battery to the battery. Rely on solar panels to absorb solar energy for energy storage during the day, and control the output current of the battery to the LED light source at night.

    The  fourth-generation DM series of solar street lamp controller in SRNE  , has a maximum power tracking (MPPT) , it is to meet for solar street light controller all imagination, not only solved the problem of high electricity costs, but also ease The lack of power supply in remote areas is very popular in regions where power demand cannot be met.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

* The picture shows the SRNE solar controller DM120-W

    SRNE solar controller features:

    1. Lithium battery precharge technology . When charging for the first time, the controller will pre-charge the lithium battery. When it is judged that the lithium battery can be charged, the charging current will gradually increase for charging

    2. Constant voltage activation technology . If it is judged that the lithium battery is not charged, the controller will activate the lithium battery; if the lithium battery has been unable to activate the charging, it will output a constant voltage to the lithium battery instead of the battery board voltage connected to the lithium battery, causing lithium battery or protection board In a dangerous voltage range;

    3. High-precision voltage stabilization technology . Using current and voltage dual-loop control, when the battery panel power changes rapidly (such as cloudy weather), the battery voltage remains stable, there will be no glitches or voltage jitter, to prevent instant high-voltage charging of lithium batteries

    4. Voltage and current ripple control technology . Optimize the main circuit design to further reduce the voltage and current ripple during charging, and prevent the overcharge protection of the lithium battery protection board from being triggered by mistake;

    5. BMS active monitoring technology . The controller will actively monitor the BMS operation of the lithium battery. If the BMS has overcharge protection, the controller will cut off the charge until the battery voltage drops to the charging return voltage value before continuing to charge;

    6. Photovoltaic direct load technology . For MPL series products, when the lithium battery is not connected, if the photovoltaic energy is greater than the load power, the photovoltaic can directly supply power to the load through the controller.


    Third,Application scenarios of SRNE street lamp controller

    (1) Domestic rural construction

    1. 'Liaoning Rural Lighting Project'

    With the advancement of new rural construction, the rural road lighting project is also the focus of every new rural construction. Liaoning Dandong, Anshan and Huludao realized the beautification, lighting and intelligence of the new countryside through the SR-DH20 solar street light controller .

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

     2. 'Jinzhou Street Light Rectification Project'

     In order to improve and beautify the greening environment in Jinzhou City, the street lighting is poor, the aging of the line and the hidden safety hazards of the overall renovation and upgrade of the traditional street lights.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

    (2) No electricity area abroad

    1. 'Lebanon'

    Due to severe power transmission losses, Lebanon ’s power generation capacity has been seriously insufficient for a long time. In order to solve the problem of short supply, the government has invested heavily in photovoltaic power generation.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

     2. 'South Africa'

     Africa's infrastructure construction is backward, but solar energy resources are very rich. SRNE responded to the national call to provide solar controllers to help Africa.

Solar street lights make the city more intelligent

* The picture shows the cooperation case of SRNE Street Light Controller

   “SRNE since its inception, has been committed to using solar controllers to solve electricity problems in areas without electricity, bringing light to the world. In the future, SRNE will continue to use green energy to open the way for the development of the new world.”

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