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Product Detail
20A Smart Solar Charge Controller


1)Automatic recognition of 12V/ 24V system voltages.

2)LED indicators can give a clear and intuitive indication of the operating statuses of the solar panel and load.

3)Two USB outputs are provided with a maximum current of up to 1.2A, making it possible to charge devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, etc. with a large current.

4)With an LCD screen cyclically displaying information including battery voltage, capacity, charging current, discharging current, load mode, controller temperature, etc., the user can conveniently check needed information at any time.

5)An upgraded 3-stage charging algorithm applies an equalizing charge to the battery every 30 days, effectively preventing the battery from sulfuration, thus extending the battery's service life.

6)The load is operated with an easy-to-use manual switch.

7)A built-in temperature sensor helps to deliver high-precision temperature compensation.

8)Overcharge, over-discharge and overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection.

9)TVS lighting protection.

2.Usage Recommendations

1)As the controller will generate heat during operation, it's recommended that it be installed in an environment with good ventilation conditions.

2)The controller will measure the ambient temperature and make compensation to battery charging based on the measurement. As long as actual conditions permit, place the battery and the controller in the same environment.

3)Choose cables with large enough capacity for connection, in case too much loss incurred on the lines causes the controller to misjudge.

4)The controller has a common positive pole inside. If grounding is needed, ground the positive pole.

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