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Product Detail
10A(12V/24V)PWM Controller
Detailed: pwm
Ampere: 10A
Voltage: 12v/24v
number: aa
Model: bb


1. Automatic identification of 12V/24V system voltage.

2. LED digital display and single key operations which makes operate simply and conveniently.

3. Adopting ternary form charging algorithm, charge the storage battery in equalizing charge mode once a week .It can prevent battery from imbalance and vulcanization effectively, also battery service life will be extended.

4. Four working modes which made it convenient to use in all kinds of street lamps and monitoring devices.

5. External temperature sensor can realize high-precision temperature compensation.

6. Has the electricity protection data function .Parameter can be stored when the power system failure. No need to setting again. It is very simple and convenient to use.

7. Various status indications.

8. Over charging protection, over discharging protection, over load, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection

9. TVS lightning protection.

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