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Product Features:

1. The newly developed PowerCatcherTM maximum power tracking technology enables tracking of the maximum power points of PV modules even in complex environments, providing faster response and higher tracking efficiency than traditional MPPT technology.

2. MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%, significantly increasing energy utilization efficiency of the PV system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging.

3. It provides charging with active voltage regulation. When the battery is open-circuited or the lithium battery BMS overcharge protection is activated, the battery terminal of the controller will output a rated charging voltage, which can effectively prevent excessive voltage from causing damage to the BMS system or the load.

4. The controller has a constant voltage output for loads and the output voltage is optional in 12V/24V, making it ideal for voltage sensitive loads.

5. When the battery is damaged or lost, the PV system can directly supply power to the load Note 1.

6. Two operating modes are available: charging priority and load priority. That is, solar panel is available to preferentially charge the battery or supply power to the load.

7. Advanced current-limiting charging mode allows customers to use the solar panel that exceed the rated power for easy application in some special configurations Note 2.

8. Common negative polarity design allows application in a negative pole grounding system.

9. Advanced digital power technology brings the circuit energy conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

10. Charging procedures of various types of batteries such as lithium battery, colloidal battery, sealed battery and vented battery are supported.

11. It adopts dual serial port design, i.e. isolated 485 communication port and TTL communication port, and supports standard modbus protocol to meet the communication needs of different occasions.

12. External connection to LCD screen, Bluetooth module, and remote GPRS module is allowed to view device operating data and status, and controller parameters can be modified.

13. Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism ensures that charging power decreases linearly with temperature when the temperature exceeds the set value.

14.Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of charge and discharge parameters help to improve battery life.

15. Solar panel short circuit protection, charging over current protection, load short circuit protection, overload protection, battery open circuit protection, over temperature protection, TVS lightning protection, etc. are available.


Parameter Name

Parameter Values



System voltage


No load loss

<25mA/12V; <18mA/24V

Battery voltage


Maximum PV Open-Circuit Voltage

92V (25℃); 95V (Minimum Ambient Temperature)

Voltage Range at MPP (Maximum Power Point)

Accumulator Voltage +2V ~ 72V

Rated charging current


Maximum PV Input Power


Charging Conversion Efficiency


MPPT Tracking Efficiency


Load Constant Voltage Output Voltage

12V/24V (optional)

Load Rated Power


Load Ripple Voltage

100mA (full load)

Load Ripple Current

200mA(full load)

Load Regulation


Line Regulation


Temperature compensation coefficient

-3mv/°C/2V (default); no temperature compensation for lithium battery

Operating temperature

-35℃ ~ +65℃

Protection grade




Communication mode

TTL Serial Communication, Isolated 485 Serial Communication


≤ 3000m

Product Dimensions


MPPT Solar Charge Controller LC2430N10H


Q1: What kind of certificates you have for your solar controllers ?
SRNE:Our solar controller has CE,ROHS,ISO9001 certificates approved.


Q2: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
SRNE:We are a state-level high-tech enterprise that integrates pluralism, R&D and manufacturing as one with PV controller,PV inverter,PV energy storage oriented.And we have our own factory.


Q3: Can I buy one sample for testing?
SRNE:Sure,we have a 8 years experience R&D team and in timely after sale service,can help you fix any technicial problem or confusion.


Q4: How are about the delivery?
1-2 working days
Order: within 7 working days depending on the order quantities
OEM Order:4-8 working days after confirming the sample


Q5: How're about your customers service?
SRNE:All solar controllers will be tested strictly one by one before leaving factory,And the defective rate is below 0.1%.we do try our best to provide a good customer service.


Q6:Minimum Order Quantity?

SRNE:Be equal or greater than 1 piece.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller LC2430N10H

MPPT Solar Charge Controller LC2430N10H

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