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Product Features :

1. Advanced double-peak or multiple-peak tracking technology. When the panel has a shadow block or a part of the panel is damaged, I-V curve shows multiple peaks.The solar charge controller can still accurately track the maximum power point.

2. Built-in algorithm for maximum power tracking. This significantly raises energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems, with charging efficiency 15% ~ 20% higher than traditional PWM solar charge controllers.

3. Combination of multiple tracking algorithms that can track the optimum working point of I-V curve accurately in a very short period of time.

4. MPPT tracking efficiency can be as high as 99.9%.

5. Advanced digital power technology, with circuit energy conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

6. Supporting charging procedures of gel batteries, sealed batteries, open batteries, lithium batteries and other types of batteries.

7. Current-limiting charging mode. When the power of a solar panel is too large, and the charging current is greater than rated current, the solar charge controller automatically reduces charging power, thereby making the solar panel work at rated charging current.

8. Supporting the start of capacitive load instantaneous large current.

9. Supporting automatic identification of battery voltage.

10. LED indicator of malfunction, buzzer alarm, and liquid crystal display of abnormal information. This helps users identify system failures. Supporting historical data storage for up to 5 years.

11. LCD screen display function. The display enables users to view equipment operation data and status, and modify controller parameters at the same time.

12. Supporting standard Modbus protocol that meets communication needs on different occasions. Built-in mechanism of over-temperature protection. When the temperature exceeds the preset value, the charging current falls linearly with temperature, therefore slowing down the rise of controller temperature and avoiding controller damage from high temperature.

13. External battery voltage sampling function. This function prevents line loss from affecting external  battery voltage sampling and ensures greater preciseness of, control parameters.

14. Temperature compensation functions. Charging and discharging parameters are automaticallyadjusted, thereby extending battery service life.

15. TVS lightning protection.


Parameter Name

Parameter Value



System Voltage

12V/24V/36V/48V Auto

No-Load Loss

0.7 W ~ 1.2W

Battery Voltage

9V ~ 70V

Max Solar Energy Input Voltage


Max Power Point Voltage Scope

Battery Voltage +2V ~ 120V

Rated Charging Current


Rated Load Current


Max capacitive load capacity





PV System Max Input Power






Conversion Efficiency


MPPT Tracking Efficiency


Temperature compensation



Working Temperature

-35~ +45

Protection Level




Max Wiring Size

25 mm ²

Communication Mode

RS485, RS232



Product Size


MPPT Solar Charge Controller ML4830N15


Q1: What kind of certificates you have for your solar controllers ?
SRNE:Our solar controller has CE,ROHS,ISO9001 certificates approved.


Q2: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
SRNE:We are a state-level high-tech enterprise that integrates pluralism, R&D and manufacturing as one with PV controller,PV inverter,PV energy storage oriented.And we have our own factory.


Q3: Can I buy one sample for testing?
SRNE:Sure,we have a 8 years experience R&D team and in timely after sale service,can help you fix any technicial problem or confusion.


Q4: How are about the delivery?
1-2 working days
Order: within 7 working days depending on the order quantities
OEM Order:4-8 working days after confirming the sample


Q5: How're about your customers service?
SRNE:All solar controllers will be tested strictly one by one before leaving factory,And the defective rate is below 0.1%.we do try our best to provide a good customer service.


Q6:Minimum Order Quantity?

SRNE:Be equal or greater than 1 piece.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller ML4830N15

MPPT Solar Charge Controller ML4830N15

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