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[Worldwide Premiere] SRNE Solar, China Telecom and HUAWEI joined hands together to boost solar stree


On 10th May,2017, SRNE Solar, China Telecom and HUAWEI hold the signing ceremony of NB-IoT to officially announce their strategic cooperation. In the

close cooperation between these three parties, SRNE Solar is responsible for the development of Internet of things street light system based on NB-IoT

technology, while China Telecom is responsible for providing commercial networks for the NB-IoT Internet, and HUAWEI is responsible for chip.

By 2017 September, regarding on the NB-IoT -oriented Internet solar street light solution, SRNE Solar had finished the R&D and test process. At the same time,

the worldwide International signal coverage of NB-IoT technology has also finished by China Telecom. Now a whole new Internet of thing solar street light system

is well ready to attend the solar market ,Let’s wait and see.

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