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PWM solar charge Controller


1. Automatic identification of system voltage.
2. Support charging gel batteries, sealed batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, etc.
3. An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Overdischarge or application of an equalizing charging to the battery regularly can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration and extend the lifespan of battery.
4. Featuring a temperature compensation function, the controller can automatically adjust charging parameters.
5. A variety of load working modes which facilitate the product's application to different types of loads.
6. The product provides overcharge, overdischarge, overload, short-circuit and reverse connection protection.
7. Advanced startup method of load: Large capacitance loads can be started smoothly.
8. The product adopts a dot-matrix graphic LCD screen and a human-machine interface with two switches.
9. The humanization design of interface ensures users can use the product conveniently.
10. The controller provides a RJ12 data port (output of TTL232 level or bluetooth signals.) It supports standard Modbus protocol and can achieve data interaction with APP on mobile phone.
11. With an industrial grade design, the product can function well in various tough situations.
12. TVS lightening protection is adopted.

Rated current30A/40A50A/60A30A/40A 
System voltageAutomat recognitinof12V/24VAutomatic recognition of12V/24V/36V/48VDefault automaticidentification
Manuals ct up
Rated power12V/450W24V/900W12V/600W24V/1200W12V/750W24V/1500W12V/900W24V/1800W12V/450W24V/900W36V/1350W48V/1800W12V/600W24V/1200W36V/1800W48V/2400W 
No-load loss<13mA/12V;<15mA/24V<30mA 
Max.Solar energyinput voltage<55V<110V 
Max.voltage at thebattery endc34Vc68V 
Battery typeParametersDefaultS LD
Flooded FLDSealed SLDGEL GELLithium LI
Overvoltage protection16.0Vx1/12V;×2/24V;X3/36V;x4/48V;
Equa zingC haying vo age14.8V14.6V  
iaa hr irg14.6V14.4V14.2V14.4V
Floating chargingvoltage13.8V13.8V13.8V 
Charging roco veryvoltage13.2V
Over ds chargerecovery voli age12.5V(settable with the keys)
Over-dischargevol gs11.0V(settable wth the keys)
Equalizingchar gng interval30  days   
Equalizing chargingtime1H =
Boost charging time2H 
Temperaturecompensa ion-3.0mV/C/2V 
Light control voltageLight control on5V, lihtcontoloff6V(ightcontolonplus1Vx1/12V;x2/24V;x3/36V;x4/48V;
Light controljudgment time10  minutes
USB functionYesoptionalNo 
Bluetooth factionoptional 
Operating temperature-25C to+55℃; 
IP protection degreeIP30 
Net weight390g650g650g 
ProtectionfunctionsBaeypltenevesecomccion prote tieP.abate yreesecornctinprtetio.char gg over cum ent protection, overload protect n, lond shote ircu it protection contrl ernd over mp nue peon 
solar charger inverter Authentications

solar charger inverter Authentications


Q1: What kind of certificates you have for your solar controllers ?

SRNE:Our solar controller has CE,ROHS,ISO9001 certificates approved.

Q2: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

SRNE:We are a state-level high-tech enterprise that integrates pluralism, R&D and 

manufacturing as one with PV controller,PV inverter,PV energy storage oriented.And we 

have our own factory.

Q3: Can I buy one sample for testing?

SRNE:Sure,we have a 8 years experience R&D team and in timely after sale service,can 

help u fix any technicial problem or confusion.

Q4: How are about the delivery?



1-2 working days

Order: within 7 working days depending on the order quantities

OEM Order:4-8 working days after confirming the sample

Q5: How're about your customers service?

SRNE:All solar controllers will be tested strictly one by one before leaving factory,And the 

defective rate is below 0.1%.we do try our best to provide a good customer service.

Q6:Minimum Order Quantity?

SRNE:Be equal or greater than 1 piece.



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