Solar Hybrid Inverter High Voltage Series HES48V-H

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Solar Hybrid Inverter High Voltage Series HES48V-H


IP65 Waterproof Grade

Advanced MPPT technology with efficiency of 99.9%


Functional characteristics:

·It has the function of segmented charging and discharging.
·Backflow prevention and grid connection function.
·Insulation resistance and leakage current detection function.
·Working without battery under special conditions.
·Lithium battery activation function, which can be triggered by mains or PV.
·Power saving mode, reduce no-load loss.
.Four charging modes: PV Only, Mains Priority, PV Priority and PV&Mains hybrid charging.
·Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output, with UPS function.
·360 °all-round protection.
.Allow lead-acid battery and lithium battery access.
·ON/OFF switch controls the inverter AC output
·Grid-connected mode can be set.


Design characteristics:

·Adopting full-digital double closed loop control, combined with advanced and pure sine wave output.
·Advanced MPPT technology with efficiency of 99.9%.
·LCD screen and three LED indicator lights can clearly indicate the status and data.
·Intelligent and variable-speed fan, efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life.
·Multiple safety protection functions: short circuit protection, overload protection,reverse polarity protection and so on.

Model HES4855S100-H
Battery Input Parameters
Battery Type Lead-acid Battery or Lithium Battery
Rated Battery Input Voltage 48V ( Minimum Startup Voltage 44V)
Hybrid Charging Maxi
mum Charging Current
Battery Voltage Range 40Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc(Undervoltage Warning/Shutdown Voltage/Overvoltage
Warning/Overvoltage Recovery...)
Solar Input Parameters
Maximum PV Open-circuit
PV Working Voltage Range 120-500Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range 120-450Vdc
Maximum PV Input Current 22A
Maximum PV Input Power 6000W
Maximum PV Charging Current 100A
Mains Input Parameters
Mains Maximum Charging
Rated Input Voltage 220/230Vac
Input Voltage Range UPS Mains Mode:(170Vac~280Vac)土2% APL Generator Mode:(90Vac-280Vac)±2%
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (Automatic Detection)
Mains Charging Efficiency >95%
Switch Time (bypass and inverter) Switch Time (bypass and inverter)
Maximum Bypass Overload Current 40A
AC Output Parameter
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 230Vac (200/208/220/240Vac)
Rated Output Power (VA) 5500(4780/4970/5260/5500)
Rated Output Power(W) 5500(4780/4970/5260/5500)
Peak Power 11000VA
On-load Motor Capacity 4HP
Output Frequency Range(Hz) 50Hz土0.3Hz/60Hz±0.3Hz
Maximum Efficiency >90%
No-load Loss Non Energy-saving Mode: ≤100W Energy-saving Mode:≤50W (Manual Setup)
Basic Parameters
Certificate CE(IEC 62109-1)
EMC Certification Level EN61000
Working Temperature Range -25°C ~ 55°C,>45°C Derating
Storage Temperature Range -25°C ~ 60°C
Humidity Range 0% to 100%
Waterproof Grade IP65
Size(L*W*D) 556mm*345mm*182mm
Weight (kg) 20

solar charger inverter Authentications

solar charger inverter Authentications

User Manual:

HES4855S100-H-User Manual



Q1: What kind of certificates you have for your solar controllers ?

SRNE:Our solar controller has CE,ROHS,ISO9001 certificates approved.

Q2: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

SRNE:We are a state-level high-tech enterprise that integrates pluralism, R&D and manufacturing as one with PV controller,PV inverter,PV energy storage oriented.And we have our own factory.

Q3: Can I buy one sample for testing?

SRNE:Sure,we have a 8 years experience R&D team and in timely after sale service,can help u fix any technicial problem or confusion.

Q4: How are about the delivery?

SRNE:Sample:1-2 working days

Order: within 7 working days depending on the order quantities

OEM Order:4-8 working days after confirming the sample

Q5: How're about your customers service?

SRNE:All solar controllers will be tested strictly one by one before leaving factory,And the defective rate is below 0.1%.we do try our best to provide a good customer service.

Q6:Minimum Order Quantity?

SRNE:Be equal or greater than 1 piece.

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