Introduction for HF4850U80-H All-in-one Solar Charge Controller

During the pandemic period, SRNE is continuously developing with a high speed, which owes to our innovative product concept. You may notice that we have constantly released new products these years. All we have done is to fully satisfy the different product demands of domestic and international market.
This time, we release a new type of 5kW American-standard all-in-one solar charge controller. HF4850U80-H is an updated version of original American-standard series, whose cost per kilowatt hour is lower and generating efficiency is higher. HF4850U80-H is the first product of 5kW American-standard all-in-one solar charge controller in the market. By releasing this new product, SRNE fills the gap of market and leads the efficiency innovation of American-standard all-in-one solar charge controller!
HF4850U80-H is adapted to 5kW American-standard system application and outdoor 50A American-standard socket. The PV open-circuit voltage is 500V and the alternating current output voltage is 120V. This new product can be activated by photovoltaic power and mains supply. The mains supply charging current is 40A while the photovoltaic power charging current as well as hybrid charging current is 80A. What impresses people is that the voltage of HF4850U80-H can be set at 100V, 105V and also 110V with simple setting. By setting the voltage, HF4850U80-H can be adapted to Japanese market.
Our products are popular with a high quality. This new product has acquired CE, Rohs and ETL certification so that it is more competitive in American and European market. The pricing will also be a surprise to customers.
You may imagine that such a product with high voltage and high efficiency is heavy and huge. However, compared with the former ones, this product is only different in functions and parameters while the appearance is invariable. Its color is pure white and it weighs 11.6 KG. Therefore, this product will be perfectly integrated with household appliances.
By updating our products, we spare no effort to provide not only better user experience but also more stable and highly efficient intelligent photovoltaic solutions!
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