Are distributed solar power generation systems safe

Distributed solar power generation is an approach to provide solar energy resources by deploying tools and technologies in proximity to the end users of the power. Distributed solar power generation system may serve a single structure, such as a home or business, or it may be part of a micro grid (a smaller grid that is also tied into the larger electricity delivery system), such as at a major industrial facility, a military base, or a large college campus. This method is in contrast with centralized generation where solar electricity is produced by a large plant and then distributed to consumers through the power grid. The distributed solar power generation systems are commonly installed on rooftops of houses and commercial buildings that will use the energy.

The followings are the main advantages of solar power generation system.

1. Solar power generation system does not produce any waste and has no positive effects on the environment. Solar energy is a kind of ideal clean energy resource;
2. The distributed solar power generation system has no moving parts, is not easy to be damaged, and is simple to maintain. It is especially suitable for unattended use;
3. Distributed solar power generation can realize nearby power supply without long-distance transmission, which avoids the loss of long-distance transmission;
4. The construction of solar power generation system does not take a long time, which is convenient and flexible. Users can add or reduce the quantity of solar panels of the solar array according to the electricity load in order to avoid electricity waste.

Will distributed solar power system cause fire?

The above advantages not only ensure the safety of distributed solar power generation system, but also are conducive to its widespread promotion. However, from the perspective of operation and maintenance, distributed solar power generation is not that safe. Compared with large-scale independent ground power stations, distributed solar power generation systems need to be attached to residential houses, industrial plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, school and municipal buildings, etc. These building are generally equipped with relevant precision equipment or store the flammable materials. Therefore, the safety requirements of distributed solar power generation system will be stricter. It should ensure that distributed solar power generation system will not affect the daily operation of these building and cause safety hazards to personnel, production, and materials.

What about the pollution and radiation?

Solar power plants are composed of solar modules, solar inverters, brackets and cables. The solar modules absorb sunlight and generate direct current. This process does not produce any pollution and no garbage is generated.
Solar inverter converts direct current into alternating current to supply power to the electrical appliances in the user's home, and the excess electricity can be integrated into the grid. There is no pollution in this process. Actually, the radiation of the inverter is much smaller than that of the TV in the house.

Will distributed solar power system damage the rooftop?

If the distributed solar power generation system is installed improperly, the roof may be damaged. When designing this kind of power plants, the professional design company will follow the "Building Structure Load Regulation" and take the fixed load, wind pressure, snow pressure, and earthquake load of the roof into consideration. 
In conclusion, with the continuous improvement of industry standards and specifications, the potential safety hazards of distributed solar power generation system caused by equipment quality problems and design and construction problems will inevitably become less and less. If you want to install a solar power generation system on the roof, try to find a professional photovoltaic system design company to prevent problems before they happen. Only in this way can the photovoltaic power station have no safety hazards and can obtain stable income every day.
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