Regular Maintenance of Photovoltaic Power Station

Household photovoltaic power station refers to residential photovoltaic, mainly refers to the distributed solar power generation systems installed on the roof of houses. Residential photovoltaics have the features of small installation capacity, various installation points, simple grid connection process, and obvious and direct benefits. It is also a form of distributed photovoltaic power generation application with the highest national subsidy.
The household photovoltaic power station mainly includes four major parts: photovoltaic modules (solar panels), solar inverters, meter boxes, and brackets, of which the modules and inverters are the core components of the entire system.

Daily Maintenance of Household Photovoltaic Power Station

1. The user should carry out regular inspections and make regular inspection records, and contact the after-sales service personnel in time if any problems are found.
2. When there is dust or debris on the modules, they should be cleaned in time. In summer, the cleaning time should avoid the time with the highest temperature, so as to avoid damage to the photovoltaic modules due to thermal expansion and contraction. It is recommended to choose to clean in the morning and evening when the temperature is low. The cleaning tool should choose a soft and clean cotton cloth or sponge, and it is strictly forbidden to use the cleaning agent containing alkali and acid. The frequency of cleaning depends on the situation. If it is in the rainy season, the rainwater will generally make the surface of the module cleaner.
3. In the regions where there are a lot of snow in winter, users should clean the solar panels more frequently. It is not recommended to clean if the snow is too thick. If there is thick snow on the module, please push it away with a soft tool, so as not to scratch the solar panel.
4. Distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so there is no need to disconnect them during thunderstorms in summer. However, for the sake of safety, the circuit connection with the PV modules should be cut off to avoid direct lightning strikes that cannot be removed by the lightning protection module.
5. Do not install the smoke exhaust ventilator and exhaust fan near the power generation system, so as not to cause damage to the system or affect the power generation.

What you need to notice when maintain the power station

1. Do not step on the PV modules during inspection to avoid damage. Inflammable and explosive dangerous materials are prohibited to be placed near photovoltaic modules. If you find the following problems, you should immediately ask professionals to adjust or replace the PV modules;
(1) The glass of the photovoltaic module is broken, the back plate is burned out, and the color changes obviously;
(2) The junction box in the PV module is deformed, cracked, burned, or the terminal cannot be connected;
2. Maintenance of the bracket
(1) For photovoltaic brackets installed on prefabricated bases, the prefabricated bases should be placed stably and neatly, and should not be moved. All bracket connections should be firm and reliable, and all bolts should be complete.
(2) If the anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating on the surface of the bracket is cracked or peeled off, it should be brushed in time.
(3) The bracket should be well grounded, users should check the grounding system before the thunderstorm season to see if the connection is firm and the contact is well.
Regular and timely cleaning and maintenance can ensure the normal operation and safe use of the household photovoltaic power station and avoid unnecessary property losses.
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