The Capacity of Solar Energy for Lithium Battery Charging

1、The power which solar panels provide is current-limited. When the total requested cureent for system and battery charging is more than output current of solar panels, it is necessary to adjust voltage of the system near MPP by reducing the charging current. To design a reliable solar panel power supply system, it is vital to build a structure for controlling system efficiency and battery charging efficiency.
2、The most attractive energy for portable appliances power supply is solar energy. However, the charging efficiency of solar panels mainly depends on light source density, illumination time and location of working environment. Therefore, batteries are usually used for energy storage. Solar panels will charge the batteries when there is energy surplus. Batteries will supply energy to system when solar panels can not provide enough energy. The battery charging system are requested to match with the solar cells in order to realize the maximum efficiency of solar cells.
3、Solar chargers consist of solar cells and solar charging controller. The solar cells are photosensitive to visible light whether it is sunlight or lamplight. Solar cells, also known as "photosensitive cells" or "photo cells", whose operating principle is photoelectric effect, will generate electric energy with the light. According to the manufacturing materials, they can be divided into silicium photo cells and selenium photo cells.
The Capacity of Solar Energy for Lithium Battery Charging 
二、The Advantages of Solar Chargers
1、Solar chargers can directly convert solar energy into direct current with the sunlight. They can charge the small-sized appliances suah as mobile phone, digital camera, power bank and MP3 anytime and anywhere. For those who like to travel or often go on a business trip and those who do sports or work outdoors, solar chargers can be their helpers.
2、There are lithium batteries with stored energy inside the solar chargers. Solar chargers can satisfy the urgent need, which adapt to many types of mobile phones and other appliances. They can work out the problems of power shortage, power cut and running out of battery during the outdoor activities.
3、Solar chargers have high charging efficiency, which can immediately charge both the battery and mobile phones in the sunlight after three minutes.
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