The Intelligent Monitoring System for Off-grid Solar Power System

In recent years, solar energy has become a popular renewable energy source because of its falling costs and improving efficiencies. In these days, more and more people chose to install an off-grid solar power system. An off grid solar power system comes in various capacities for different type of applications, such as, small home, 2-3 floor homes, shops, offices, school, warehouses, and more.
To monitor and regulate the operation of such an off-grid solar power system, it is necessary for users to install an intelligent monitoring system.
The following picture shows the whole intelligent monitoring system.
The intelligent monitoring system for off-grid solar power system consists of four parts: solar controller, 2G/4G communication modules, cloud server and client (mobile App, Web).
IoT solar controller: It is and intelligent solar controller which can collect the data of current, voltage, temperature, power generation and power consumption of the system (battery panel, battery, load, etc.). It transmits the data to the communication module through the interface, and can receive commands such as switch, load carry, parameter adjustment, etc. from the client.
Communication module: It transmits the information of the solar controller to the cloud platform through the network, which is a bridge connecting the controller and the cloud platform. The platform supports various communication methods such as 2G, 4G, NB-Iot, and Ethernet.
Cloud server: Cloud servers are deployed on Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Cloud and are responsible for system scheduling, data storage and data processing.
Client: The client includes Web and mobile APP. Users can check the data of cloud services through the client side, and can control the switch load and adjust parameters through the cloud server.

Product Introduction

GP-2 4G Communication Module Features:
  1. Using 4G-CAT1 communication mode, compatible with GPRS network, the signal is stable and reliable.
  2. The structure is simple, and it is convenient to replace the SIM card.
  3. No need to set the configuration, just power on and use.
  4. The power it needs can be directly drawn from the battery end, without the need for an external power supply module.
  5. Ultra-low power consumption, no need to worry about excessive power consumption of the system.
  6. The networking is simple, no auxiliary equipment is required, and it is directly connected to the public network.
  7. It is economical and can be renewed directly on the platform.
  8. It guarantees the data security has the features of private protocol and data verification.
  9. It supports TTL, 232, 485 and other communication interfaces, all communication interfaces adopt isolated communication.
  10. Industrial level components, it can work for a long time within -30℃~+60℃.
The following are SRNE solar controllers which are suitable to be used in the monitoring system for off-grid solar power system:
ML Series; MC48 Series; MC24 Series
MF4860; LC2430N10H; MT2410; HC2410-C

Web side Introduction

Users can remotely monitor, analyze data, troubleshoot and set parameters remotely through the web side and mobile app anytime and anywhere.

Mobile app introduction

This app’s interface is simple and it is easy to operate. Users can check the equipment operation online and monitor the system remotely.
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